August 3, 2020 | Rebecca Baldridge |

Prioritizing Operational Due Diligence Builds a Foundation for Success

Every investor must carefully examine all of the risks involved in any commitment of funds. Due diligence is the process by which investors assess these risks; it is the foundation of any investment decision. There are two types of risk that investors face. First is investment risk, which contributes to investment returns. The second is operational risk, which does not. By examining the

July 20, 2020 | Rebecca Baldridge |

Analytics Elevate the Trade Matching Process

Trade matching is the foundation of the post-trade process, involving an automated comparison of the buyer and seller versions of trade attributes such as price, quantity, valuation date, etc. When the buy and seller attributes differ, the settlement process can be disrupted or fail. For both counterparties involved, failed trades can create both financial and reputational risks. But en


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