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We understand that small and large organizations sometimes require additional assistance or the outsourcing of specific responsibilities. Fortunately, Theorem's team of experts boasts nearly 100 years of combined experience in managing market operations processes and teams. From technology and operations to trading system implementation and support, as well as counterparty management, our team possesses firsthand knowledge and expertise in the capital markets.

Through Managed Services, your firm can deploy Theorem's technology and expertise as your own.

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Our Team of Experts

The Theorem team has extensive expertise in managing futures and listed derivatives post-trade processes, allowing us to seamlessly integrate our managed services operations and workflows with our client's existing infrastructure.

Our dedicated team is driven by a genuine commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower clients to confidently navigate the complexities of financial markets. Benefit from our extensive technical expertise, proficiency in risk management, and client-centric approach to achieve exceptional results. With our robust framework, we effectively mitigate operational and counterparty risks, ensuring the utmost integrity of the post-trade processes and safeguarding our client's valuable assets.

Our Team

Chris Carleton

Chris Carleton

Director of Client Engagement

Patrick Mannix

Patrick Mannix

Data Quality Officer

Zach Rolih

Zach Rolih

Client Services Manager

Break Resolution Management

We're adamant about the importance of robust top-day reconciliation processes. But identifying breaks through Theorem's software solution is only the first step in a complex process.

In a perfect world …

  • Data delivery would occur simultaneously.

  • Datasets would always be complete.

  • Processes would run as designed.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.

Thankfully, Theorem's team serves as the primary defense in monitoring and troubleshooting broker data. Our expert team is adept at quickly resolving issues such as data delays, incomplete data, or unknown formats to minimize any negative impact downstream.

Theorem's Managed Services model initiates the process of resolving breaks by engaging clearing counterparties to verify trade details and question their accuracy. Once we receive sufficient information, our team will forward the break to you and confirm if the trade is already known. We will diligently oversee this process until either the clearing counterparty rectifies the issue or the booking is completed.

In addition to resolving breaks, our experienced team is skilled at identifying trends and utilizing industry knowledge to proactively address and prevent future incidents.

Data Validation, Management, and Troubleshooting

Theorem's Reporting Solution is equipped with clever logic checks and flags that alert users when numbers just don't add up. But if your firm is ready to take things up a notch and have Theorem's team dive into data abnormalities, manage counterparty SLAs, handle format changes, and build custom queries, then our Managed Services might just be the perfect fit for you.

Broker Management

If your company is in need of evaluating potential or existing counterparties, Theorem can provide the necessary expertise. With our extensive experience in conducting counterparty RFPs and annual evaluations, we can ensure that you obtain the desired outcomes from your counterparties, while also ensuring fair treatment for both you and your investors.

Our comprehensive process covers various subjects, including:

  • Commercial impacts (credit capacity, commission, and interest structures)

  • Business continuity/disaster recovery planning

  • Market access and trading considerations

  • Compliance and regulatory services

  • Reporting and data management tools

  • Life-cycle maintenance

  • Service level

  • Treasury Management

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