Integrated Post Trade Processing and Data Management Solutions

Streamlined allocation, matching, workflow, and reporting.

Post Trade Management Systems

Trading is complex, with each transaction producing dozens of data points from multiple sources, from order creation to give-up, margin requirement, and ultimately settlement. In addition, data arrives from various systems and counterparties in a plethora of formats.

As a result, synthesizing and managing your data can be a real challenge.

Theorem's Position Management Suite removes the burden of data management by empowering users with modern and intuitive data tools that deliver:

  • Actionable Insights

  • Streamlined Post-Trade Processes

  • Simplified Transaction Lifecycles

Post Trade Solutions

Theorem features modern data management for modern market participants. Revolutionize how you match, aggregate, map, and leverage your data. Our no-code design architecture and minimal onboard effort create the ideal management ecosystem for teams of all sizes.

Harness the entire platform for a comprehensive solution or choose the functionality you need now and scale as you grow.


Harness the power of Theorem's cutting-edge tools to effortlessly allocate trades and communicate with your counterparties. Seamlessly reconcile your accounts, guaranteeing accurate margin calls, investor reporting, and a stress-free T+1 experience.


No more asking counterparties for bespoke data presentation...Use Theorem's data tooling to aggregate, normalize, and create meaningful and processable information.

Position Management System

A full-fledged back and middle office solution for market participants.

Who We Serve

Whether on the Buy Side or Sell Side, Theorem has the tools to streamline your matching, allocation, reconcilitation, and data managment workflows.

Buy Side

Commodity Trading Advisors, Hedge Funds, Commodity Merchants, Multi-Manager Funds, Liquidity Providers.

Sell Side

Introducing Brokers, Futures Commission Merchants.

Managed Post Trade Services

In addition to our innovative software platforms, Theorem offers fully managed services for teams seeking elevated middle- to back-office efficiency. With decades of expertise in futures trade execution, technology, and operations, Theorem targets compelling solutions for complex challenges unique to our industry.

Enjoy high-touch service that leverages our expertise and ensures your team can spend your time growing your business while we manage your data and trade settlement.

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