Modularized Platform

Simplified to Empower

Theorem is a post-trade processing and data management solution that delivers aggregated reporting, trade workflow, matching / affirmation, and data movement—all in an online portal that requires no local install or technician to get started.

Use Theorem to connect data collected from brokers, exchanges, and trading systems or your own internal systems and manage it according to your specific needs. Since there’s no heavy install, leverage the entire platform for a complete solution or simply choose what you need now.



The moment a trade is executed, Theorem ensures accurate post-trade processing by allocating trades and performing trade matching against executing and clearing counterparties. ...Learn more.


Theorem harmonizes data, analytics, and other insights across brokers, accounts, and portfolios, offering you access to actionable insights while providing your stakeholders with advanced analytics and easily understood risk reports ...Learn more.

Data Miller

Never fear data formats ever again. Theorem's transformation capabilities offer flexible solutions to creating consumable outputs with overlaid logic from one or multiple sources ...Learn more.

Operations as a Service

Sometimes, software alone is not enough. Our team has decades of experience in futures trade execution and can help you elevate your middle- to back-office efficiency through a more hands-on approach.

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