Theorem Technologies Announces Official Launch

The announcement follows a successful soft-launch of the stand-alone Theorem platform which has built a multi-year track record providing core technologies to support a wide range of asset managers, institutional investors, merchant firms and utilities trading futures and FX globally.


Paul Geiger, Co-Founder and President, of Theorem added “Our technology has a proven track record of delivering powerful and insightful tools to the trading community with a very low support footprint. We are delighted that Theorem will be bringing these successes to a larger audience as a dedicated technology company.”


Theorem is excited to concurrently announce their inclusion in the FIA Innovators Pavilion at the 33rd Annual FIA Expo in Chicago October 17 – 19. The Innovators Pavilion showcases a select group of startup companies providing forward-thinking solutions for the futures, options and cleared swaps industry (see full FIA release).


About Theorem Technologies

Theorem Technologies, a Chicago based startup, provides a suite of SaaS solutions dedicated to improving post trade management; Reporting, Reconciliation, P&L Attribution, Allocations, Compliance, and other tools. Theorem’s mission is to make world-class technologies more accessible. Firms of all sizes and complexities leverage Theorem’s data-rich reporting and reconciliation tools which adapt to their needs without any programming required. From multiple-broker aggregation, to allocations, to multi-party reconciliations, Theorem makes post-trade management better.


For more information, contact Derek Huyser at +1 312-273-1236

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