Theorem Integrates PortfolioScience’s RiskAPI

Theorem Technologies’ SaaS platform streamlines post-trade workflows by delivering value-added tools and analytics that run on a consolidated dataset across an organization’s brokers and counterparties.

With this integration, Theorem customers can now generate Value-at-Risk (VaR), multi-dimensional stress testing, exposure analysis, and options analytics across portfolios, sub-portfolios, and individual positions. Users can also interact with powerful views of risk in order to better track intraday portfolio activity.

“Adding VaR and other risk measurements is part of our strategy to expand the types of reports and analytics in our platform,” said Paul Geiger, President and Co-Founder of Theorem. “PortfolioScience is the perfect partner to seamlessly and securely integrate with.”

Ittai Korin, President of PortfolioScience added “We are thrilled about the integration of RiskAPI into the Theorem platform. The combination of their data aggregation and normalization capabilities and our robust set of on-demand risk analytics will be a great addition to both current and future Theorem clients trading a wide array of commodity derivatives.”


About Theorem Technologies

Theorem Technologies provides a suite of SaaS solutions dedicated to improving post trade management. Firms of all sizes and complexities leverage Theorem’s data-rich reporting and reconciliation tools which adapt to their needs without any programming required. From multiple-broker aggregation, to allocations, to multi-party reconciliations, Theorem makes post-trade management better.


About PortfolioScience 

PortfolioScience specializes in risk management technology for financial institutions, investment services, financial advisors, and hedge funds. The company’s hosted RiskAPI® service allows fund managers, advisors, and traders, as well as both buy-side and sell-side market participants to access powerful risk analysis capabilities on demand. RiskAPI includes all required data, computing, and infrastructure resulting in a complete end-to-end risk analysis solution.

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