The Ultimate Guide to Trade Matching

Here at Theorem, we pride ourselves on providing users the ability to efficiently allocate and match transactions. Matching is called many things within the listed derivative space, from affirmation to reconciliation, but no matter what you call it, implementing an effective matching tool will increase control within your trade flow. We believe it’s important for every market participant to understand the value behind Trade Matching… that’s why we created The Ultimate Guide to Trade Matching.

Trade Matching Guide

This guide will define trade matching, explain why it is required, identify best practices in the matching process, and discuss how to efficiently use its outputs. The processes described apply to both large firms with high trading volumes and smaller operations with lighter trading activity as counterparties and clients expect a process that is free from errors.

Trade matching is a mission-critical process for any market participant, and even though certain portions of the trade lifecycle have become more efficient over time, the need to reconcile has not diminished. The same technology that has made it easier to place orders and manage portfolios sometimes makes the reconciliation process more difficult than it was in the past. For firms with complex needs, reconciliation is the foundation of the trade flow and information gathering process.

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