Product Update: Introducing Matching Grid

Once again, we have improved the trade matching experience by developing a convenient, fast, and modern way to analyze your match results. Introducing Matching Grid, a more efficient match analysis enhanced by new search functions, filtering, and speed, all united by a contemporary design. If you’re in search of a trade matching tool to add to your trade execution stack, then check out the updates we thoughtfully designed with you in mind.


Search Controls

As you can see above, we have upgraded the Column Heading within the Matching Grid to now feature text boxes designed to allow you to more effectively search and filter specific columns.

And with a new typeahead functionality, searching match reports has never been easier.


Visibility Controls

With new Visibility Controls, you gain the flexibility to determine what type of Matching Data you think is most relevant and would like to view by simply toggling the new Matched, Unmatched, Groups, and Detailsswitches.


Match Grid Data


Our Matching Grid has been updated to provide you with an actionable dashboard that organizes matching results into Data Groups that can be expanded to display detailed records. As shown, cell background colors correspond to match status so that you can now quickly view the status of a match and quickly take the appropriate next steps.

Green = Successful Match
br>Red = Break

Yellow = Matching Intelligence has identified type of break


Grid Messages

Communication is essential to understanding what has gone wrong. And that is why you will find, below the Match Grid, a more prominent Grid Message that will be filled with a dynamically-changing, detailed text that is primarily intended to display in situations where there is no matching data or a problem exists.


If you’re interested in seeing these updates in action, feel free to schedule your free demo today and let us show you why Theorem’s the right platform to complete your Trade Execution Stack.

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