Reconcile any trading data quickly and flexibly

No more costly or time-consuming setups. We built Theorem’s agile Trade Matching Solution to adapt to a change in file formats, new brokers, or trading new products that might otherwise result in broken processes and timely code changes.

Reconcile up to five sources of data on-demand or continuously throughout the day. Match virtually any financial data, including:

  • Trades
  • Positions
  • Cash
  • Balances
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Matching Workflow

Proactive matching enables teams to address problems before they cause issue in T+1 reporting, margin requirements, and minimizes delivery risk.

Zero Downtime

Our robust mapping system allows new matches to be up and running on the same day and changed anytime with immediate effect.

Reconcile Anything

Enjoy global real-time reconciliation of virtually any data, including trades, positions, commissions, cash, or balances.

Straight-Through Processing

A flexible rule-based scheduler distributes reports as required and allows the loading and matching of any data source regardless of format or symbology. Enjoy global real-time reconciliation of virtually any data, including trades, positions, commissions, cash, or balances.

Trader Built and Tested

Standard features include many-to-one, multiple-leg, and average price matches. Our referential product database alleviates issues created by inconsistent symbology in source data.

Built for You

Theorem's design allows flexibility around input data sourcing. Reconcile clearing counterparty data against an allocation, PMS input, or alternate data input that suits your firm.

Easy to Read Data

Analysts enjoy the easy-to-read, auto-matched output.

Delivery Optionality

Whether you're responsible for managing trade breaks or the entire firm's activities, Theorem will present match information in a manner that's most effective for you.

Operations teams tend to use Theorem's on-screen presentation of match data, allowing users to set a personalized view, filter dynamically, and export relevant information to share with counterparties if a resolution is required.

Management teams often opt for notification of matches, generally in the form of emails at set times throughout the day or when a match falls below a certain threshold and outstanding breaks present significant risk.

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