Seamlessly Integrate

Connect to virtually any broker and ingest trade capture from executing brokers, trade files or via manual entry

Match Trades

Reconcile any trading data without a time-consuming setup and customize matching instructions on the fly.

Allocate Trades

Seamlessly create, transmit and validate allocation instructions with execution and clearing brokers.

Reconcile Anything

Global real-time reconciliation of virtually any data including trades, positions, commissions, cash, or balances.

Streamline Data

Workflow Management.

Our Workflow solutions simplify and empower you with the ability to normalize, validate and reconcile all types of broker data. Theorem Workflow is built to accommodate the fluidity of trading environments and can handle changes on the fly while reconciling up to five sources of data either on-demand or continuously throughout the day. The workflow solution facilitates a more controlled, transparent, and automated process by connecting to your execution accounts and delivering instructions automatically.

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Simple to Start


Our solution-based pricing structure is transparent. We offer three tiers with varying benefits per solution (or multiple solutions) demanded by your business.


Starting at $500/mo

per User. Dynamic pricing based on the users, accounts, and brokers you use each month with no long-term commitments.

  • Create and run your own trade allocation workflows
  • Create and run your own trade matches
  • Import files in any format
  • Customize your own matching rules, fields to use in matches, and column orders
  • Schedule to run workflows and matches at specified times

Features provided across all solutions:

  • Access and configure all features via secure web Portal
  • Customize your cybersecurity rules to enforce your corporate policy
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Contextual online help guides



Starting at $1,500/mo

for 5 users and 3 broker connections. Predictable, fixed monthly pricing with discounts for long term commitments.

All Workflow ON-DEMAND Features, Plus:

  • Send Reports and Data outside of your organization
  • Rule-based Notifications
  • Share, collaborate, and delegate with other registered users
  • Advanced Matching Analytics

Features provided across all solutions:

  • Onboarding fees waived for clearing brokers already in our network
  • Phone Support

Let's Chat

Typically for clients who trade high volumes, or have large amounts of users, brokers or entities

All Workflow PROFESSIONAL Features, Plus:

  • Security Hub: Manage your own users and set password, data transmission, and other security policies
  • Service Level Hub: Set matching and workflow minimum metrics and monitor long-term adherence across user or customer groups
  • Continuous matching engine

Features provided across all solutions:

  • Turnkey support and transition management when adding new workflows, matches, accounts, etc.
  • Onboarding fees waived for all new prime / clearing brokers
  • Access to a Dedicated Slack or MS Teams Channel for Your Organization
The Power of Theorem’s Solutions

Mapping on the Fly.

Never worry again when opening an account with a new broker. If your administrator uses a different format for a settlement date than your own data, rather than calling your I/T department, you can use our built-in, customizable tools to create a mapping on the fly so you can run your match right away.