What is Trade Matching

While there is no one answer, our guide will provide you with the key questions needed to inform your trade match process.

Why Trade Matching is necessary

Learn how Trade Matching can optimize your Trade Flow while Mitigating Risk

Designing a Match

Understand how to obtain the Matching Data used to construct a Trade Match with multiple sources or multiple matches

Match Output

After a Trade Match is designed, learn how to interpret the outcome and uncover what the results represent.

The only Matching resource you’ll ever need

Trade Matching Explained

Here at Theorem, we pride ourselves on providing users the ability to efficiently allocate and match transactions. Matching is called many things within the listed derivative space, from affirmation to reconciliation, but no matter what you call it, implementing an effective matching tool will increase control within your trade flow. We believe it’s important for every market participant to understand the value behind Trade Matching…that’s why we created, The Ultimate Guide to Trade Matching.

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