No Downtime

Our robust mapping system allows new matches to be up and running on the same day and changed anytime with immediate effect. 

Reconcile Anything

Global real-time reconciliation of virtually any data including trades,
positions, commissions, cash, or balances.

Straight-Through Processing

Flexible rule-based scheduler distributes reports as required and allows for the ability to load and match any data source regardless of format or symbology.

Trader Built and Tested

Standard features include many to one, multiple leg and average price matches. Our product referential database alleviates issues created by inconsistent symbology in source data.

Change is constant

Reconciliation processes must always adapt.

The Theorem Matching solution was built to accommodate the fluidity of trading environments. For most reconciliation systems, a change in file formats, a new broker, or trading new products would result in broken trades or expensive code changes. Our platform can handle those changes on the fly while reconciling up to five sources of data either on-demand or continuously throughout the day. Virtually any financial data can be matched, including Trades, Positions, Cash, Commissions, and Balances.


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