Seamlessly Integrate
with Brokers

Connect to virtually any broker and ingest trade capture from executing brokers, trade files or via manual entry. ...Learn more.

Match Trades

Reconcile any trading data without a time-consuming setup and customize matching instructions on the fly. ...Learn more.

Allocate Trades

Seamlessly create, transmit and validate allocation instructions with execution and clearing brokers.  ...Learn more.

Generate Value-at-Risk

Effortlessly calculate VaR in multiple ways—Parametric, Historical Simulation and Monte Carlo ...Learn more.

Streamline Data

Workflow Management.

Our workflow solutions simplify and empower you with the ability to normalize, validate and reconcile all types of broker data.

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Generate Insights

Intelligent Reporting.

Our Intelligent solutions are built to provide you with truly actionable insights and your stakeholders with advanced analytics and easily understood risk reports.

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