Monitor, Limit, Track

Monitor account against user-defined rules, limit information relevant to specific needs and track investment management guidelines.

Customizable Rules

Ever-growing library of preset rules across trackable dimensions include P&L, margin, sectors, volume, and cash withdrawals.

Monitor your way

Get notified via email alerts and reports, an online interactive dashboard, or time-of-day summary reports.

Delegate Monitoring

Simple reroute monitoring responsibilities to other team members.

Monitor Trade Activity

Your One-stop Notification Hub.

Extracting the information you need from a reporting system can be difficult and time-consuming. Theorem’s Notification solution serves as a hub to monitor specific aspects of trading activity. The exception-based engine issues alerts based on user-specified rules. Track dozens of dimensions, such as P&L, Volume, Margin, Cash Activity, Completed Matches, and Others

The Power of Theorem’s Solutions

Take control via alerts

If you’re monitoring investment guidelines, sectors traded or cash activity, leverage the data from our Reporting solutions and couple it with the configurable rules in the Notifications module to send email alerts to members of your team. We’ll simply require and document acknowledgment of the alerts to help complete the control process.


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