September 3, 2020 | Rebecca Baldridge |

How Firms should Adapt to the “New Normal”

Working remotely has become the new normal as the pandemic grinds on, separating us from colleagues and the conveniences of the office. Some love the work-at-home experience, relishing the peace and freedom from interruptions, not to mention the flexibility remote work affords. For others, the situation is quite the contrary as they wrangle family responsibilities and home-schooling the

August 17, 2020 | Rebecca Baldridge |

Understanding the Core Components of Operational Due Diligence

Satisfying investor expectations through operational due diligence is a key factor in any fund’s success, whether the investment manager is an established hedge fund or an emerging manager. Following major instances of fraud, as well as fund blowups precipitated by operational deficiencies, today’s investors expect access to all operational information. Managers that can respond ful


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