Universal Plug-in

Many vendor and broker provided systems require data to be uploaded into it in rigidly defined formats for it to work properly. Data Miller empowers your firm to connect these systems together with minimum expense and no IT needed.

ETL Replacement

Data Miller can replace the features of an Export, Transform, Load tool with a quick-to-onboard, quick-to-change tool with an online interface that can avoid a large IT investment.

Aggregrate Post-Trade Data

Connect to multiple sources such as brokers, markets, or even your own trader’s order books – no matter the format or time generated. Once normalized, Data Miller can send trades to any other internal or external place to enable allocations, reporting, or other processes down the line.

Make Changes Quickly

Never worry about unexpected upstream changes to the name of a column in a data file? Simply update the column name (or any other change) in our UI and Data Miller will restore your straight through process immediately.

Harmonized Data

Data Transformation

Our Data Miller module is an online tool for data normalization and movement built specifically to be used by non-technical users. It connects to one or more sources of data and enables transmissions of that data to any other place. Data can be transmitted “as is” or transformed, aggregated, normalized along the way. 

Achieve Automation Quickly 

Almost every aspect of Data Miller can be created and managed by you. Even better, the tool helps future-proof your straight-through-processes because changes can be instantaneously made if upstream data changes or downstream report requirements change. 


Simple to Start


Our solution-based pricing structure is transparent. We offer three tiers with varying benefits per solution (or multiple solutions) demanded by your business.


Starting at $500/mo

per User. Dynamic pricing based on the users, accounts, and brokers you use each month with no long-term commitments.

  • Transform your own data files to any other format
  • Schedule your transformations to be sent to emails or FTPs ( move to applies to all modules)

Features provided across all solutions:

  • Access and configure all features via secure web Portal
  • Customize your cybersecurity rules to enforce your corporate policy
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Contextual online help guides



Starting at $1,500/mo

for 5 users and 3 broker connections. Fixed monthly pricing.

All Data Miller ON-DEMAND Features, Plus:

  • Share, collaborate, delegate your data transformations with other registered users
  • Link multiple data files with each other
  • Cross enrich your own files with results from matching, workflow, or reporting modules

Features provided across all solutions:

  • Onboarding fees waived for clearing brokers already in our network
  • Phone Support

Let's Chat

Typically for clients who trade high volumes, or have large amounts of users, brokers or entities

All Data Miller Professional Features, Plus:

  • Process and re-distribute inbound and outbound files to/from outside your organization
  • API Access 
  • Security Hub: Manage your own users and set password, data transmission, and other security policies

Features provided across all solutions:

  • Onboarding fees waived for all new prime / clearing brokers
  • Access to a Dedicated Slack or MS Teams Channel for Your Organization
Unlimited applications


Like all of Theorem’s tools, Data Miller can be used by single users looking to solve specific tasks or, just as easily, deployed widely within your organization with a top-down approach.

Larger organizations that require a division of labor can assign certain access levels to users within the data management process. For example, a customer service member could set up an automated custom file only after an IT administrator allows the CSR to use a specific database. Connections, normalization, and distribution can all be set up as a workflow to manage access for data security. For single uses, a COO or manager at a small to midsize firm could have ability to both connect to any accessible database and send where needed as an automated process. As your firm grows or changes, workflow and division of labor can always be added later.

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