Establishing a robust password policy

With remote work the new normal, cybercriminals are taking advantage of what is likely the most target-rich environment they will ever experience. IT professionals are working overtime to thwart attacks and ensure that companies keep client data and proprietary information secure. During this period of heightened risk, there are simple, as well as complex, measures that firms need to take to keep themselves safe. One of the simplest and most easily deployable security measures is establishing a robust password policy.

Two-Factor Authentication is a Vital First Step in Enhancing Online Security

With the coronavirus lockdown set to remain in place until at least April 30th, millions of Americans are working at home, many for the first time. Companies are being tested as never before, and many face significant challenges in managing a new remote workforce. Getting work done efficiently and ensuring smooth communications between distributed teams are overwhelming concerns. Millions of neophyte remote workers and a vastly increased reliance on digital tools combine with the crisis climate to create a target-rich environment for cybercriminals. While there’s no dearth of timely articles on cybersecurity in the time of coronavirus, it’s critical to look beyond popular advice to find more robust solutions to the security challenges facing your firm.